Zero-emission cars now

Cars and vans are choking our cities.

They are the main source of our toxic air, disturb our sleep and reduce our quality of life through noisy engines and exhausts. Cars and vans are a huge contributor to climate change too.

But in the first week of October the European Parliament has a once-in-a-decade opportunity to clean up new cars and vans!

If the EU Parliament votes for ambitious emission reduction targets, it will require carmakers to sell many more electric (zero-emission) cars.  

Zero-emission cars are better for:

  • Our health and planet: Zero-emission cars have no tailpipe, meaning no air pollutants, much less climate change emissions and almost silent.
  • Our economy: Over 200 thousand jobs can be created with a shift from oil-burning cars to battery-powered vehicles [1].
  • Our drivers: European drivers would save over €700 every year in lower fuel bills [2].
  • Our independence: Electric cars use the electricity we produce, which is increasingly cleaner, coming from the sun and the wind. This will drastically reduce oil imports from countries such as Russia and Middle East nations.

The same car companies that have cheated drivers out of €150 BILLION since 2000 with unrealistic fuel economy claims are lobbying hard to kill the law [3].

Make your voice heard and drown out the industry lobbyists who want to keep selling dirty diesels!

Please urge your local MEP to vote for more ambition on car CO2 targets.

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