No Palm Oil in my Tank! A first, although incomplete, victory.

EU labels palm oil in diesel as unsustainable

Brussels, 13 March 2019


Dear friends,

after months of relentless campaigning the European Commission has finally decided that palm oil is not a green fuel and should not be promoted because it causes deforestation. The use of palm oil in diesel, which is driven by the EU’s renewable energy targets, will be gradually reduced as of 2023 to disappear from biodiesel in 2030.

EU member states and the EU Parliament now have two months to pass or veto the Act, but they have no power to amend the rule. Although we expect some criticism, we think it'll be approved.


Today’s decision to label palm oil as unsustainable is a breakthrough.

It will offer much needed relief to the world’s wildlife and forests. But this is only a partial victory since soy and some palm oil can still be labelled ‘green’. Our campaign is not over and now we’ll be taking the fight to those governments and oil companies that want to keep forcing drivers to pay for fake ‘green’ fuels.


Although incomplete this is a victory of civil society. It’s your victory.

Seven in 10 Europeans oppose the use of palm oil in diesel, over 650,000 signed the petitions to stop it and more than 65,000 EU citizens took part in the public consultation to amend and improve the law.


The Act adopted by the Commission will be reviewed in 2021. T&E and its partners will be monitoring closely any abuse and will call on national governments to follow France’s example and completely eliminate all palm oil from biofuels after 2020.


Our work continues but for now it’s a MASSIVE THANK YOU.

You made this happen.





T&E supports the campaign against fake-green diesel (palm-oil biodiesel) run by some of the largest environmental organisations in Europe: DUH and Nabu in Germany, Ecologistas en Acciòn in Spain, Friends of the Earth and Canopée in France, Legambiente in Italy, Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands, ZERO in Portugal, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, NOAH in Denmark, CNCD, CETRI, Fian and 11.11.11 in Belgium and campaign platforms Sum of Us, and German