No Palm Oil in my Tank!

Palm oil expansion is increasing deforestation, ravaging some of the planet’s remaining rainforests and our most precious wildlife.


On February 8th the Commission has published the new rules that will stop palm oil from ending in our tanks. The measures (technically a Delegated Act, DA) go in the right direction and do address our appeal. However, the DA (which is still just a ’draft’ that will undergo a public consultation) is far too weak. Two things need changing:

  • An important crop that causes deforestation, such as soy, is not included. Soy must be in the list.
  • Despite the fact that palm oil is declared unsustainable, and therefore not fit for biofuels, there is a large number of derogations (loopholes) that essentially allow business to go on ’as usual’. These derogations must go. No deforestation means no deforestation, not ‘a little less’ deforestation. NotInMyTank means just that!

So what do we do now? We must engage the public consultation and send a clear message to the EU Commission to improve the DA.

If you already want to send your feedback to the Commission you can do it now, here

Alternatively, you can wait for our experts to compile a thorough analysis of the draft DA and then participate using some, or all, the answers we suggest. It will only take us a few days!

Stay tuned and help us turn this moment into a truly historic one for the planet.




T&E supports the campaign against fake-green diesel (palm-oil biodiesel) run by some of the largest environmental organisations in Europe: DUH and Nabu in Germany, Ecologistas en Acciòn in Spain, Friends of the Earth and Canopée in France, Legambiente in Italy, Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands, ZERO in Portugal, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, NOAH in Denmark, CNCD, CETRI, Fian and 11.11.11 in Belgium and campaign platforms Sum of Us, and German

The figure displayed here is the aggregated tally of the petitions currently run by these organisations in their national language.